Drinking the sun of Corinth
Reading the marble ruins
Striding across vineyards and seas
Sighting along the harpoon
A votive fish that slips away
I found the leaves that the sun’s psalm memorizes
The living land that passion joys in opening.

-”DRINKING THE SUN OF CORINTH...” - Odysseas Elytis

In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Helios is the god and personification of the Sun. The sun plays a central role in all cultures, communities, and religions across the globe. It is the one unifying symbol that cuts across the board. Warmth, power, clarity and divinity. These are the main characteristics that are strongly related to the sun. The same characteristics that inspired our ss24 collection.

For this season, we focused on more easy-to-wear and less complicated garments. Revealing pieces that maintain a strong sophisticated core for ensembles that are made for every top resort destination. The grecian identity of the brand is present, with a modern twist, that calls attention to femininity.

Lightweight garments that are hand-loomed, made of the finest cotton threads and adorned with impeccable embroideries inspired by the greek tradition, compose a resort collection that highlights the alluring side of the contemporary woman. Kimonos that can be worn both as a layering piece and a simple cover up, easy to wear kaftan dresses, throw-and-go shawls and playful sets are some of the key pieces of this collection.

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