They say water is the driving force of all nature. Water can flow or it can crash. It has two hypostases. Just like women: Powerful enough to offer life, soft enough to cleanse you.

Therefore, for this collection we take inspiration from the diptych of power in nature: women and water.

Our signature fringe flare detailing, gives fluidity and movement to our garments, reminiscent of the waves of the Aegean sea. Simple shapes with impeccable embroideries in golden hues, find inspiration in the clarity of the water as the sun hits its surface. Lightweight fabrics that give the feeling of diving underwater, in a world where everything is possible.

Each piece of our collection is handcrafted and hand-loomed from luxurious natural fibres and finished with intricate details, including traditional greek motifs embroidered by skilled female artisans. Sustainability is one of our priorities, for this reason everything, from the raw materials to our packaging, is made in Greece.

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